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CoolBest Smoothies Cross Media

| Art of Branding assigned us to create a crossmedia campaign for Coolbest. We made a mouthwatering  photo series for a recipe booklet and their exhibition stand, plus a stop-motion video that we found worthy of sharing.

A few smoothies containing CoolBest Juice

We were not only responsible for the photography and image manipulation but also took the food styling and special effects upon ourselves. A much enjoyed multi disciplinary day in the studio. The 13 images were created in only 3 days time but we still managed to keep our heads cool.

Example of the recipe book and some spreads

Recently we entered new territory when we got the chance to make film and stop-motion content for a start-up. Since then we’ve explored this territory further and we are proud to share this Coolbest stop motion video with you.

The stop motion video

Last but not least  all ingredients came together in the exhibition stand… recipies, images, moving content and a live audience enjoying the most delicious smoothies.

The exhibition stand

Some behind the scenes photos