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BTW: NL.8106.71.141.B.01

Who we are?

Olivier Mul

Founder, Post-production, Photographer

Olivier Mul
Founder, Post-production, Photographer

Olivier studied photography and always loved the darkroom proces. He believes a photo is not finished until it has been retouched, wether it is just a slight modification of the atmosphere or a complex merging of elements. So besides being one of our 2 culinary photographers, Olivier is responsible for all post-processing of images. The fact that he can merge both skills on a daily basis does not only fulfil Olivier on a personal level, it also makes him the most flexible and resourceful asset in our day to day studio affairs.

Wimer Meijer


Wimer Meijer

Wimer’s love for food developed in his early years. During his study photography all his passions came about and becoming a food photographer was the most natural way forward. Wimer joined the studio in 2011 and in him we found a peer. Over time Wimer has become one of our leading culinary photographers and his editorial style has influenced our studio signature a great deal. He combines the passed on secrets of food photography with his own personal style and always keeps an eye open for leading trends in food photography. These 3 ingredients enable him to create tasty, original and contemporary images any day of the week!

Our Story

STUDIO_M is an Amsterdam-based photography studio specialised in food photography. STUDIO_M emerged from Chris Hutter Fotostudio. Olivier Mul worked at Chris Hutter Fotostudio for 20 years and 14 years as partner. When Chris Hutter stoped Olivier took over the studio. With over 20 years of experience in culinary photography and beverages photography, we are considered one of the leading food photography studios in the Netherlands. With a team of 2 culinary photographers we cover all fields of expertise from high-end culinary photography to beauty and advertising photography.

We understand that every photography project is unique therefor we compose the team (culinary specialists, food photographer) depending the needs of the job. Besides foodphotography we offer foodstyling, beer styling, image manipulation, set dressing and we own an in-house retouch suite.

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