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A new year, a new name!

The moment has come; after 20 years at Chris Hutter Fotostudio, Olivier Mul, who was a joint-partner for 14 years, is now taking over the studio.

Olivier and Wimer continue as before; same style, same place, same phone numbers, same business details. But under a new name: STUDIO_M

Below you’ll find an update on some of the projects they’ve been working on for the last two years.

Thuisbezorgd.nl diner deals

First of all: we’re proud to say that last year we started working with Thuisbezorgd.nl. Together we’ve worked on several projects, to be used on their online platform. Below, you’ll find a selection of images we’ve created to promote diner deals with Coca Cola.

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Coolbest campaign

For CoolBest, we shot this smoothie introduction campaign.

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L'Or coffee social posts

Together with a new client: SUPER HER(**)ES (add agency), we’ve created several social posts for L’Or coffee. Art director: Babo Schokker Food styling: Rens de Jonge

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Jacobs Douwe Egberts Caffitesse

Together with Inzicht, we’ve made a series of images to promote Caffitesse worldwide.

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Stella Artois

Last but not least: we’ve created this “cafe” in the studio for this beautiful video of a beer being poured into a glass.

Stella Artois beer video